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Thanks for stopping by. Our blog is about serious money making opportunities online that are FREE for you to get started with. It is a long process to make good money online. It really makes it a lot easier if you have fun and make it enjoyable! Having other online marketing friends, and working together will make a big difference after you have been working at it for a long time. We will show you programs we use,and share with you programs that other members are using with success. Network and share you programs in the chat and post your links on the comments section of any of the blog posts. Come on join us and be a Fart Follower, have some fun and find some serious cash programs!
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PTC Programs That Are Honest And Pay On time!

Finding honest PTC sites can be a real challenge! Here are a few we use that do pay! It is not going to be a huge amount of money, unless you get some referrals under you. You can at least count on them to pay you what you do earn, and you can make pretty good money if you get some referrals under you. If any of you have a good program you use, post a link under comments. We will take a look at it. If it is a good one we will sign-up under you and add it to our blog. You can also post a link to it in the chat area to! No Minimum Payout


Affiliate Programs We Are Using.

These are a few of the affiliate programs we are using that we are having success with. There are a lot of good ones out there and we are always looking to try new ones! If you have one that is really doing well and that has paid you, post a link under comments. We will check it out. If it looks like we can do some good with it, we will sign-up under you and post it on our blog. Please only suggest ones that has paid you! Keep in mind, affiliate programs take time to build. Always give it a fair amount of time and do not give up to soon. We have had some that did nothing for months, and all of a sudden took off and are doing great now. None of them are going to make you rich, so you need several that do well!


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